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The Greatest Giant Ever

The Greatest Giant Ever

The past couple days the same link has been posted in separate articles.  The link I am speaking of is this one. It leads you to the results of a SportsNation poll over at the 4 letter.

After looking through the list of greatest players for each franchise as voted on by the fans, it was tough to argue with any of them.  There were only a couple that grabbed our attention. Read more »

The Morning After: August 20, 2008

Sorry to inform you that I have come down with something fierce, and I am struggling to keep my head up and even type this.  Therefore we will not have a roundup of yesterdays happenings in the sports world. Feel free to carry on here anyway.

Tropical Storm Fay Update

Patphish is our natural disaster correspondent, and is braving Tropical Storm Fay from West Palm Beach, FL. He emailed me this anecdote this morning.

So it’s raining sideways and all the usual stuff that comes with a storm here. We still have power, which is huge because I have a well, so no power = no water. Basically it’s like the worst, longest thunderstorm you’ve ever seen, but nothing compared to Frances, Jeanne or Wilma.

I do have a very funny story from this morning. I have 3 outdoor cats that I was concerned about when the storm started rolling in (yep, the Bobcat is a cat lady). 1 of them lives in a house I built next to my back door, she was sitting on its roof this morning enjoying the wind and rain. (The house is under a roof overhang, so she was dry). The other 2 are both males that live under my work mini-van and all around my yard. I have an outdoor bar that I put there food on and they eat and generally lay around being cats. So last night I put the food on a plate under the van so they could eat and stay dry. I got up this morning and went to bring them some more food, it was FREAKING pouring and the wind was whipping at about 30 mph, but I am attached to these 2 stupid cats so I trudged out there. I dumped the food on the plate (no sign of the cats) and ran back into my house. I looked out to see if they would come out from where they were hiding and eat some food, and then I saw them. I had left one of the side windows on the van open about 6 inches, and the little bastards were dry as could be standing on the driver’s seat peering out the window at me. I swear to God they were laughing. When the rain let up they climbed out and under and had a snack until it picked up again, then they jumped back in. They’re dry, I’m wet, they’re sleeping, I’m working. WTF?

The Morning After: August 19, 2008

Once again the drama of the Olympics is over.  I am totally bored with them.  I am forcing myself to watch them right now, I feel like it is my responsibility as an American to pay attention.  I know I touched on this yesterday, but really, no Phelps=no excitement.  Maybe that is because we no longer have that stud in Track and Field like a Carl Lewis or a Michael Johnson.  I don’t even care what happens there.

However, we will not let our boredom keep us from giving you an update on how the Americans are doing over in China. Read more »

The Week That Was: 8/18

Tryin to Reason with Hurricane Season. A classic Jimmy Buffett song for us Parrotheads, and my current situation as Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay heads our way.  I apologize for the hiatus, but here we go.

- At 42, Tom Glavine injures his left elbow and might need ligament replacement surgery (aka – Tommy John) which would effectively end his career. Glavine has always been one of the most consistent pitchers in the game, and should be a Hall of Famer. The question remains. If Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Galvine all retire this year, does the gimmick of putting all three in at the same time get them all in as first ballot Hall of Famers?

- It looks more and more like September 21st will be the last time baseball is ever played at the original Yankee Stadium. With a 3-4 record and a couple of drastic moves, including moving one time future star Melky Cabrera back to the minors. The Yankees are in the midst of making a heavy youth movement, which bodes very well for their future. I don’t expect them to be down long.

- Reacting to ESPN propaganda, MLB announced the addition of instant replay to be put in by the end of the month…Is it needed? No. Is it nice to have? Yes.

- The Rays lose another key part of their successful core when Troy Percival went down (again) on a routine ground out. Despite the injuries to Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria, and Percival, they still have not lost much on their lead in the AL East…for now

- Olympic Update – Due to stupidity and shortsightedness of the IOC, who see Handball and Badminton as more suitable sports for the games, baseball is in its final olympic tournament. At least until 2016. Unfortunately, the US team, consisting of minor leaguers (Matt LaPorta) and college players (Steven Strasberg…next year’s top pick) has struggled. With losses to the South Korea and Cuba, the wins are against the Netherlands, China, and Canada. Not exactly the powerhouses you’d expect Team USA to be dominating. For those interested Team USA takes on Chinese Tapei tomorrow morning at 7am here.

- As if the future in Washington wasn’t bleak enough, Alan Crow Aaron Crow, their 1st round pick from 2008 signed with an independent team in Fort Worth. While they will get a supplemental pick next year because of this, you have to question where management is going at this point.

Who’s Hot:
1) The Mets– winners of 6 in a row and a 2.5 game lead in the NL East. Yankee fans, think they regret canning Willy Randolph?
2) Melvin Mora – Mr. Inconsistent. The past week has been hot for the Orioles hitter, whose career has been more about inconsistencies than anything else. He’s batted over .500 and had 11 RBIs while helping Baltimore try and work their way back to a winning season.
3) Cliff Lee – Is their anything this guy hasn’t done this year besides be awesome? He was 2-0 with a 1.06 this week. With a 17-2 record on the season, he’s all but nailed down the AL Cy Young award.

Who’s Not:
1) The Nats – 10 game losing streak, can’t sign top draft pick, and the team has no foreseeable future. We thought a move from Montreal would help this team turn around to be one of the most successful clubs in baseball. As the old saying goes…you can’t put lipstick on a pig.
2) Joel Zumaya– Remember how hot this guy was? Reason #17839 why Guitar Hero sucks. He’s back on the DL.
3) Ryan Howard– Not a good time for the backbone of your lineup to hit the snide. The Phillies need Howard back on track soon, as the Mets are starting to run away. This past week, .120 batting average and 10 Ks.

The Playoffs If they Started Today
ALDS: Chicago v. Tampa; Boston v. LA
NLDS: Arizona v. Chicago; Milwaukee v. New York

You HAVE to like those matchups. Given Arizona’s pitching staff they could easily be a force in a 5 game series. Boston and the Angels would be a scraper. The young Rays v. the Sox led by Ozzie. Finally, Sabathia v. Santana. It’s almost here!

Champs Camp

Lil Sparty looks on and studies the WCNYFG at camp.

I had the opportunity to sit just a few yards away and watch the last full practice at training camp for the World Champion New York Football Giants this past Saturday afternoon.  Of course, it was also the largest crowd of the summer for t he Champs as well.  Lil Sparty came up with me and we spent some quality father/son time as we watched the team prepare for the upcoming NFL season.  We enjoyed VIP access to the session. This allowed us to sit in a bleacher area that was just a few feet from the sidelines.

First observation when I got to the field.  These guys really are huge.  This what God intended these big guys do to.  I cannot figure out what else these men could do in their lives if it wasn’t for football? They are ginormous. Read more »

The Morning After: August 18, 2008

So as I turned on NBC last night, I was wondering what live action would take place now that the swimming was over, or should I say that Michael Phelps had completed his journey.  You know what I saw?  Tape Delay from the night before.  I knew all the results already.  I am not positive, but I would think that NBC will see a plummet in their ratings over the 2nd week of competition in Beijing.  SORRY ABOUT TURNING OFF COMMENTS! Read more »

The Morning After: August 17, 2008

Winner of 8 Gold Medals in one Olympics Games.

Michael Phelps: Winner of 8 Gold Medals in one Olympic Games.

Read more »

The Morning After: August 16, 2008

Once again we want to welcome all of you to the new site.  As you can see we have been able to add new features to the blog, and also were able to migrate just about everything from the old.  Most importantly, you no longer have a separte window for your comments  You can now comment on the same page as the post you are reading for easy reference.  What I am hoping for is future live blogging, which will be much more simple with this current set up.  Thanks for continuing to be loyal readers of this blog and being patient with the changes as we grow.  Oh, and Dan Shanoff Sucks.

Back to what we do best, and that is give a quick hit of what has gone down in the sports world. Read more »

Onward We Go

Well we have officially moved over to WordPress.   Be sure to update your bookmarks with the new URL:   I am very satisfied with decision. So I am having myself another Barry Horowitz moment.

I understand today was a little out of the ordinary, but looks like we found our permanent home.  We will be back to normal with all of our normal sports coverage tomorrow in the AM.  By then, Michael Phelps should be in position to capture his 8th Gold Medal, the Yankees will have turned the corner now that they demoted Melky Cabrera to the minor leagues (yes, seriously), and the Redeem Team will be ready to conquer Spain.